Battle of Aquae Sextiae
Part of the First Age Wars
Date July 31 — August 3, 2008
Casus belli TGE Governor's Rudeness to all alliances
Status Ended; TGE Signs Peace Terms: SPQR/CoBW victory.
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Wraith SPQR
Alfred von Tirpitz SPQR
King Greek
SPQR Nations : 9
CoBW Nations : 4
TGE nations : 1

Casus BelliEdit

REASON: It has come to our attention that The German Empire's Kaiser, King Greek has ruthlessly oppressed the citizens of his alliance's towns, committed mass genocide, and then resorted to abandoning them. We must liberate these lost comrades, and convert them to greatness.

Surrender Terms of TGEEdit

After seeing the near-destruction of The German Empire within 24 hours of the war declaration, we are happy to see that King_Greek is no longer the leader of The German Empire. The revolting disrespect that he showed the community was despicable, yet as King Leopold I has taken over the mantle of Kaiser of the German Empire, we would like to issue these terms to The German Empire, to cease hostilities, and to fix any broken bonds between us.

1) TGE will be vassalised by a joint consortium of SPQR and CotBW until a time which we see fit.
2) King_Greek is thereby expelled from TGE, and is never allowed to return, and must stay in a state of constant disarray and anarchy.
3) SPQR and CotBW shall send a hand-picked duo of Advisors which will aid TGE to get back on-track, and they shall be granted Dual-Membership.

SPQR Signatories: Mars Arkadios,
Alfred Von Tirpitz

CotBW Signatories: Ghostlin

Timeline and ReferencesEdit

July 31, 2008

August 3, 2008